How to change register settings for LMK04208 on the ZCU111 xrfclk module

Hello all,

I am using the pynq software to control our ZCU111 eval board. I successfully loaded the SD card and got many of the example programs to run. However, i need to sync the ZCU111 clocks to some external peripherals, and I noticed the clock settings for the LMK04208 have the clock 5 output powered down. Clock 5 provides the external 10 MHz reference through the SMA connector at J108. The only change that needs to be made is changing register 5 within the LMK’s register list in the xrfclk script. I am extreemly new to python, so bare with me here: I remember I “installed” the rfsoc_sam module from the strath-sdr github. But if I want to make the change to the single register how would I go about doing it? Do i need to reinstall the package with the updated register or can i modify the xrfclk module without reinstalling?
to be more specific about the necessary change. Below is an except from the xrfclk file. I need to change the MSB in register 5 to 0 instead of 1. changing 0x80141E05 to 0x00141E05
_lmk04208Config = {
122.88: [
0x00160040, 0x00143200, 0x00143201, 0x00140322,
0xC0140023, 0x40140024, 0x80141E05, 0x01100006,
0x01100007, 0x06010008, 0x55555549, 0x9102410A,
0x0401100B, 0x1B0C006C, 0x2302886D, 0x0200000E,
0x8000800F, 0xC1550410, 0x00000058, 0x02C9C419,
0x8FA8001A, 0x10001E1B, 0x0021201C, 0x0180033D,
0x0200033E, 0x003F001F
Thanks in advance for any help, happy to provide more context.