How to connect PMOD AD1 IP to PS?

Greetings. Hope you are doing well.

The board that I am using is PYNQ Z2 and I have downloaded IP from Getting Started with Digilent Pmod IPs - Digilent Reference

I want to connect PMOD AD1 IP with PS. I have tried the following approach of using AXI4-Lite protocol but I can’t seen to connect PMOD AD1 OUTPUT PORT TO ANYWHERE.

  1. Instantiate the PMOD ADI IP in Vivado and configure its interface to use AXI4-Lite protocol
  2. Create an AXI4-Lite interface in the PS and connect it to the PMOD ADI IP’s interface in Vivado
  3. Generate a bitstream for the design and export it to PYNQ environment
  4. Import the overlay in PYNQ Python framework to access the IP
  5. Use the overlay to access the AXI4-Lite registers and control the PMOD ADI IP from the PS in Python

I require guidance how to correctly connect PMOD AD1 IP to PS.

Why I am using PMOD AD1 IP? I want it to get data from outside, via sensor and feed it into NN IP let’s say classification?