How to set the HDMI in/out resolution?

I have a pynq board Z1 ver 2.5. I am trying to build a simple video processing application where I get live video from camera via HDMI, do some processing then send to a monitor.

I wanted to change the resolution of the HDMI_in but I could not find a way to do it. I found some old documentation stating that I have to do the following:
hdmi_in.mode(4) to set to 1080p resolution But I got an error.

Could you help me please?

In HDMI the resolution is always specified by the video source - the camera in this example. There is a mechanism for the destination to advertise what resolutions it supports and we set that for the common resolutions up to 1080p for the Z1 and Z2.

You will need to look at the settings on the camera to set the correct output resolution.