Problem on HDMI when Porting Pynq-Z1 to Zybo Z7-20

I could successfully create a custom image for Zybo-Z7-20 board. The custom image is created based on Pynq-Z1 image version 2.5. Basically, the base.bit are composed of all block design from Pynq-Z1 base overlay, except the audio, arduini, and chip kit parts.

All of the based overlays (such as LEDs, Switches, Buttons) are working properly unless the HDMI overlay.

When i test the custom image using example code hdmi_introduction.ipynb , i got following result:


out: <contextlib._GeneratorContextManager at 0xae8999f0>

After hdmi_in.start() and hdmi_out.start() the computer blinks but no video signal is detected.

When I try to run hdmi_in.readframe() , this error is shown: RuntimeError: DMA channel not started .

Do you have any suggestion regarding this problem?

What does your setup look like? Any more information that we should know, like resolution and any adapters?

Thank you for your reply. The Zybo-Z7 HDMI input is connected to the HDMI port of my Laptop without adapter while the HDMI output port of Zybo-Z7 is directly connected to FullHD Monitor. I got HDMI input frame resolution of 1920x1080 pixels when i run print(hdmi_in.mode).

This might be a similar problem as Something Weird: HDMI cannot write frames continuously

From there we don’t know the best answer. There are many things you need to adjust for your zybo.