How to use I2C with Pynq Z1?

Hi I’m having trouble connecting the pynq Z1 to an MSP430. We are trying to use the AxiIIC lib package but we are getting this error. We are using the pynq as master and the MSP430 as slave. The slave address is 0x0045.

Hi, I am not sure how you connect MSP430 to the board. If you build your own overlay and have your AXI IIC controller in your overlay, along with correct pin mapping in constraint file, you can use AXI IIC.

Otherwise, if you connect through Pmod/Arduino interface and want to use the base overlay, you will need to use microblaze IIC driver for it. Examples are here.

Yes we are using our own overlay. Is the way we’re using the send function correct?

We set the address of the MSP430 in Code Composer Studio.

how we used it. I think some of the parameters you used just had a wrong type.

Ok thanks I’ll look through it.