How to use the official axilite IP created by HLS tool

Hello, I made a axilite IP from the official on offical example which is a adder of two or three numbers. (c += a + b)
I made no change just change part to a pynq board.
Then I use vivado block design to autoconnect the axilite IP we mde and zynq processer IP.
With .bit, .tcl, .hwh files import to a pynq board.
We haven’t get the result we want. the result is always zero.chrome_QdG8PN55qK

I also have another small question, I think it is because we just need to tpye offset address on pynq’s notebook.
Like this, address 0x4300010 is real address, and in note book 0x0010 is okey.


it is 0x43c00010, I revise it.

Did you add the hls pragma “#pragma HLS INTERFACE ap_ctrl_none port=return” ?
If you didn’t, you need to start your IP by writing 0x01 to your IP’s 0x00 address.
You can also read your IP’s status by reading this address.
// AXILiteS
// 0x00 : Control signals
// bit 0 - ap_start (Read/Write/COH)
// bit 1 - ap_done (Read/COR)
// bit 2 - ap_idle (Read)
// bit 3 - ap_ready (Read)
// bit 7 - auto_restart (Read/Write)
// others - reserved

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yeap it work ,it is so nice .
thank you so much,chrome_erYQrQlEa9