How to use two vdmas in a ip?

hi, I made a ip using HLS, and it need two images as input, after processing the ip will output an image.So, i wanna use two vdmas,and the block design as the file i upload. Because i just need a vdma, so the other vdma can disable the write, but the has include write channel. How can i use two vdmas with one dont has write channel?design.pdf (48.8 KB)

Can you elaborate a little bit on this?
Do you mean that you are forced to have a write channel on both vdmas or will error out? In such a case, can you report where it is erroring out exactly?

no, i have 2 vdmas for the inputs of my customized ip, and the output will back to one of the vdmas, and i planed to close the other vdma’s write channel. Because when i write vdmas images in jupyter, the line cannot stop, I think there may be wrong in write channel. But now i find something wrong in my ip not the vdma .