Implement pynq framework on nexys 4 artix 7 board is it possible and how?

hi every body I have digilnet nexys 4 artix 7 board and i need to implement pynq framework is it possible or not? thanks a lot

I don’t think it is possible as it doesn’t contain any ps system. if it is even possible with MicroBlaze (which I am not sure about), it will be definitely a long run to implement.

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PYNQ doesn’t support Artix.
PYNQ supports Zynq, Zynq Ultrascale+ (including RFSoC), Alveo and AWS.


I do asked this before.

But omar I am really interested that PYNQ if installed on MicroBlaze what performance do it really do and trade-off and how many cropped feature would be.

I’ve mentioned this in other posts.
PYNQ does not run on MicroBlaze.
PYNQ is not supported on MicroBlaze.
There are no plans to support PYNQ on MicroBlaze.