Initalising MIPI IP Block with PYNQ

I’ve been working on getting RPI CAMV2 to work on PYNQ. I have extracted the initialization process for the IMX219 Sensor and currently getting no data through the axi video stream on the MIPI block. any ideas?

Currently my code to start the MIPI IP Block is

full code is attached
IMX219_VDMA.ipynb (7.6 KB)

Hi @JackBonnellDev,

There’s no enough information in the post. Did you resolve this IIC 16 bit address pynq.lib.iic - #4 by JackBonnellDev?

What board are you using? What have you tried? Do you see any activity on the ILA?
Did you configure the MIPI-CSI 2 Rx Subsystem with the characteristics of the sensor you are using?