Initializing both HDMI port as Output in ZCU104

How to initialize both HDMI ports as output ports in the python program? I can use one HDMI port as output but want to use both ports. I have written the following code but It’s not working. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

base = BaseOverlay(“base.bit”)

import asyncio

Mode = VideoMode(width,height,24)
hdmi_out =
hdmi_out2 =

In the base design, there is one HDMI in subsystem, and one HDMI out subsystem, which means you can only use the HDMI ports as 1x in and 1x out. If you want 2x out, you would need to modify the hardware design.


Thanks. I will try to modify the base overlay. To recreate the base overlay will it need the HDMI IP license for ZCU104? Just to be sure.

Apologies, I just realised you won’t be able to do this with the ZCU104. I was thinking about some of the other boards that have FPGA pins connected directly to the HDMI ports.
The ZCU104 has dedicated circuitry for each of the HDMI in and out ports.
See page 58 (Fig 3-16) here:


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