Utilizing HDMI Port in custom overlay of ZCU106 board


I’m working on ZCU106 board.
I want to build cutom overlay using Vivado Block diagram with HDMI port.
As you now, ZCU series board need to add video IP on block diagram to utilize HDMI port.

Then what is your recomanded way to add video IP on HW for using video library on SW.

How can build video IP which is customized block in base overlay(Not an vivado support IP)?

Is there any constraints to on HW to utilize video library in jupyter lab such as axi condition or connection between zynq and video IP?

I tried to modify from ZCU104’s base overlay. But there were constrain file(.xdc) issue and not able to synthesize with ZCU106 board.
Please give me any advice or introduce me any previous works which tried to build custom overlay(not using base overlay) with HDMI in ZCU serise board.

Thank you