Installing ultralytics library on pynq z2

I am trying to run my object detection model(yolo) on pynq z2 board. For running yolo model i need to install ultralytics library on pynq z2 board. But after coming to a point it shows " Installing build dependencies …" and it kept going on. I waited upto 1 hour but it stays same and doesn’t show any error. How much time will it take to install or is there any issues behind it. Or is it stuck ?

Hi @Ashiqur_Rahman,

I am not familiar with this library, but depending on the dependencies and how much it needs to be compiled it could take a while.

You can run pip in verbose mode (-vvv) to get more output.


Thanks for the reply. As you said i tried to run pip in verbose mode. Now i can see the process of installing the library. But at a stage it shows “Building wheel for cmake (pyproject.toml): still running”
and it keeps showing this message. I waited around 8 hours but nothing changes. I am attaching 2 pictures for reference.

Unfortunately, you may have to wait until this process finished or errors out.