Is PYNQ-Z2 worth waiting for, when I can get PYNQ-Z1 in a couple of days?

Hello! I had decided on getting the PYNQ-Z2 board, but it’s out of stock and I’ll have to wait 12+ days for restocking, plus 10+ days for delivery to my country.

However, I can get the PYNQ-Z1 in a couple of days.

As of now, I have no specific requirements, all I want is to increase my skills in FPGA, but also learn pynq, to see if it’s something I’d want to use for my master’s degree.

I’m aware that I can also get the Arty Z7 and use the pynq interface on that. But that also is currently out of stock, and also more expensive.

Is it worth waiting for Z2? Or just get the Z1 so I can begin learning/working quickly. Appreciate all the help I can get here.

They are mostly pin compatible, other than the audio codec on the PYNQ-Z2 and the RPi interface vs Chipkit pins. You can decide if this is useful/important for you.


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