PYNQ-Z2 or PYNQ-Z1 board?

Q/ Is PYNQ-Z2 board better to purchase than the PYNQ-Z1 one?

Planning to purchase PYNQ-Z2 advanced kit to eg accelerate an FIR function with PYNQ

Planning to create a new Vivado design hardware (adding/connecting blocks to my design -> adding IP from the Vivado catalog, or adding my own custom IP) for PYNQ, create a bitstream & start using the design within the PYNQ framework.

Looking at the following link can see the differences between the 2 boards :

PDM integrated Mic, 3.5 mm PWM audio jack (PYNQ-Z1)
ADAU1761 codec with HP + Mic, Line in (PYNQ-Z2)

16x GPIO pins (PYNQ-Z1)
1x RaspberryPi header* (PYNQ-Z2)

PYNQ-Z2 supports RasperryPi interface which looks useful to know.

From this I think PYNQ-Z2 could be my choice.

Any comments to why PYNQ-Z1 could be better ? or is PYNQ-Z2 a better choice ?

Only think to add is that the Z2 should be cheaper too.