Issue with Building PYNQ image: 'make BOARDDIR=' command


I am using Ubuntu 16.04 and cloned the latest PYNQ repo. Also, I am using Xilinx Tools 2018.3 and sourced the settings for all 3 tools (SDK, Vivado & PetaLinux) Note: I did not clone it within the VM, rather cloned it to my Windows PC to set up the VM through the Vagrant file initially. I am having issues with environment check of the ct-ng. The file does exist within the opt directory which was created when I ran the Vagrant file, but it does not detect it.

I have been reading up on people cloning the PYNQ repo in their VM and I do not understand why. Also, I think there is an error because the path that I am using to run the Make file doesn’t take into account of that opt folder. However, I’m unsure how to include the opt file, if the full directory for the spec file is what I included. Any help would be appreciated.

I also wanted to include that this is how my directory looks like to give you reference where the opt file & Pynq files are in the VM.

Maybe you missed this step?

export PATH=/opt/qemu/bin:/opt/crosstool-ng/bin:$PATH
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Thank you that fixed this issue. Where was that step in the document? I don’t recall seeing that step explicitly in the guide.