Issue with opening jupyter notebook

  • PYNQ version- pynq_z2_v3.0.1
    Board name - z2
  • Jupyter notebook not opening
  • Steps to reproduce the problem
  1. burned the sdcard with the image.
  2. connected ethernet to the router directly.
  3. connected the serial USB port to the laptop
  4. did ifconfig
  5. used jupyter notebook command
  6. jupyter notebook is not opening.

( orange and green light is coming on the right side led of the ethernet port on board)

Can you elaborate on this?

Which command did you use?

If your board is connected to your network, you should only need to browse to the IP address of the board.


Thanku for the response.
I used “jupyter notebook”
and i tried browser command also.
tried both
is there anything with home network vs office network ?