Not able to open Jupyter Notebook

I had built Pynq image for mercury enlcustra XU1 without using a BSP as provided in the link below
I am facing an issue, I am not able to access Jupyter notebook when I try connecting the IP from a web browser.
I tried connecting the board to my network and opened a browser on my PC navigating to Pynq:9090 It’s not working though please help me out

What have you tried to resolve the problem?
Have you checked the network interface of the board is up, and the network connection between PC and board? Did you try connect using the IP address of the board rather than pynq:9090?


Our board-agnostic image doesn’t bring the hardened ethernet up by default to avoid issues with boards like the Ultra96 which don’t have a wired ethernet connection. Try adding

STAGE4_PACKAGES_${BOARD} := ethernet

to your .spec file and see if that helps.


I did this before building the image.I added this to the .spec file

The network interface of the board is up. Yes, I tried connecting using the IP address of the board. Still not able to connect it

Can you ping the board from PC and vice versa?
Is the Jupyter server running on the board?


Yes i can ping the ip from my pc . I dont know how to find if the jupyter server is running on the board.

What about using <your_board_ip>:9090 instead of pynq:9090?

Can you use the following commands?

ps aux | grep jupyter


systemctl status jupyter

On my board, I have:

I tried it using still i am not able to connect to Jupyter notebook. The board which i have doesn’t have a UART connection , I will not be able to get the terminal unless i log in to the Jupyter notebook directly from the browser. I have a router which displays the IP generated when the image is booted from the SD card.

Since you already can ping your board from your PC, why don’t you just ssh onto the board?

ssh <your IP>

Both username and password should be xilinx

Tried that it showed connection timed out