Jupyter lab URL not working

I need to work with a RF SoC 4*2. There is a tutorial to explain the setup (Getting started with your RFSoC 4x2 | RFSoC-PYNQ)

This board can only be controlled via a Jupyter Notebook. In the tutorial, if I do not have the IP adress of the board, it is said that the board can still be accessed via this URL:

However, it is not working, I cannot connect to that page via chrome or Firefox. Is this URL abandoned? Can someone connect to that URL?

Thank you in advance for your assistance

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In this setup, the board is acting like a DHCP server (at IP address : and server your computer an IP address in the same range. We use “Ethernet Gadget” to make the board look like a USB Ethernet adapter. In this way you don’t need to configure network adapters on your machine.

You could do some basic test to check the connectivity between your computer and board like check the IP address of your computer on the (Ethernet Gadget) adapter that is connected to the board.
You can connect a UART terminal to the board on the micro USB port and make sure the board is still responsive/hasn’t crashed.
Try ping from computer to board, and board to computer.
If this works, perhaps the Jupyter server has crashed. You should be able to run ps aux | grep jupyter on the board to check if the Jupyter process is still running.



Dear Sir,

Thank you for your answer. If I understand correctly, the board shall be connected to my computer even for using the URL adress and not only for using the URL adress with the IP adresss indicated on the OLED of the board.

Did I understand correctly?

If so, This request can be closed, PYNQ doesn’t have to repair a URL link.


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If you plug your SD card into your computer, check the windows partition for the boot.py file. From here you can see the order the board tries to connect and how the IP address will show on the OLED.
If you configure WiFi or connect the board to your network via Ethernet, it will show these IP addresses first. is a fallback IP address if you are not connecting your board to a network.

If you can connect to your board, they yes, you can ignore the suggested IP address on the OLED.


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