RFSoC 4x2 Jupyter Kernel Connection Problem

<RFSoC 4x2 board, PYNQ version 3.0.1, connected over ethernet cable through a router>

Facing a “connection problem” with the kernels on Jupyter. When I try to test codes on Jupyter lab notebooks, I see that the kernels first say “Connecting” which then turns into “Disconnected”. Tried it with version 2.7.0 too, but didn’t have a difference. How this issue can be solved?

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If I understand correctly, you connected the RF Soc 4x2 to a router to get an IP adress, you connected a computer to the router, and you tried to access the Jupyter’s board via http://(((IP_adress_of_the_board)))/lab on your computer? Did your board show its IP adress via its screen?

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Yes, you understood it correctly. And it indeed gave the IP address. I was able to connect to that (since otherwise I would not be able to open Jupyter lab).

The problem is most probably because we are on a closed network, and the board is trying to connect to something on the world wide web.

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So you cannot execute a provided jupyter notebook because there is this “disconnecting” issue. Are you able to execute terminal commands, like cd or ls? Or is a terminal tab also disconnecting?

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Yes, indeed it is the case. Terminals also does not work.

However, as you can see from my newer question, I was able to overcome this by connecting the RFSoC to my personal computer which is connected to world wide web

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Perfect. If you have no more issue, you can close this request.

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Technically speaking the issue is still there. What I make is not a proper solution, considering it would be better if the board is able to operate within the closed network due to security restrictions

When your board and computer are connected to the same router, can you please try the notebook about CMAC in base/board/ ?
(RFSoC-PYNQ/boards/RFSoC4x2/base/notebooks/board/CMAC_Intro.ipynb at master · Xilinx/RFSoC-PYNQ · GitHub)

This notebook is not requiring any Internet connection, it only works with the PL of the board.

Can you provide a screenshot about which line in the notebook you get the disconnect issue, please?

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I was checking RFSoC spectrum analyzer, and the disconnection happened directly from the beginning. Kernel never became idle.

Regarding the procedure you want me to check, I will check it tomorrow and inform you afterwards.

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I checked CMAC. It also has the same connection problem. Kernel does not get connected; it always says “connecting”.

Can you provide a screenshoot of the notebook code failing, to see the error displayed precisely, please?

Are you sure your computer is connected to the router? Can you do a ping check?