KeyError: 'C_Sysref_Master' with RFDC block

Hi Folks,
After updating my ZCU111 2.5 board image with sudo pip3 install --upgrade --upgrade-strategy only-if-needed pynq and importing from pynq.Overlay, xrfdc, and xrfclk.

I’m seeing print(overlayl.ip_dict[‘usp_rf_data_converter_0’]) show xrfdc.RFdcfor the driver, though this only works with ignore_version=True as my block is and the driver found is for I’d guess this is because the release was down with 2019.1 and I’ve built my bitstream with 2019.2. Hopefully this isn’t a problem.

The problem I run into is if I try to do rfdc = overlay.usp_rf_data_converter_0. That results in a KeyError

/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/xrfdc/ in _set_configs(obj, params, config, *args)
113 def _set_configs(obj, params, config, *args):
114 for c in config:
–> 115 setattr(obj, c[0], _to_value(params[c[1].format(*args)], c[2]))

KeyError: ‘C_Sysref_Master’

Ideas? Do I need to go manually rebuild something from

Following along from this post that worked for 2019.1 “resolves” the key error by causing the whole system to hang and need a hard reset.