Kria-PYNQ 2022.1 Branch MIPI Notebook Failures


I am trying to get the Pcam to work on the Kria KV260’s mipi to dp notebooks with no luck. I just did a clean install of Ubuntu and made sure that the mipi camera works by running the smartcam app. To get around the PYNQ mipi i2c issue, I read that the 2022.1 branch works (PCAM 5c with Kria KV260 - #3 by juanppalacios) which I went ahead and installed. However, now I have another issue. After running the install command

sudo bash -b KV260

I get an error:

error: subprocess-exited-with-error

I have attached a screenshot of this error below.

You can find the and files at this link: GitHub - mariodruiz/Kria-PYNQ

Upon further inspection, the url in the file works, the one in the 2022.1 branch does NOT work so it can’t seem to find the .zip file, thus prompting this error. I pasted the links on firefox and got back the older kria-pynq files just fine without any luck with the new one. I’ve also tried the amd link (xilinx switched to amd urls) which works for 2.7 and not 3.0.

Can we maybe get an updated url + checksum for this branch?

Troubleshoot related links:

Many thanks

Update: I was able to compile the .bit, .hwh, and .dtbo following the instructions from this repository. This process took about 30-45 minutes running Vivado 2022.1 for those interested.

Update: I was able to get passed this issue by editing the file as follows (assumes you run the make zip command before transferring the kria-pynq from pc to kria using scp):

with these changes, PYNQ installation finished

Despite all this trouble, the mipi_to_displayport notebook continues to fail. If anyone has any other solutions, let me know!