PCAM 5c with Kria KV260

Hello everyone,
I am new to the Pynq environment and would appreciate your help. I am trying to connect the Diligent PCam5C with my Kria KV260 board and use the supplied notebook mipi_to_displayport, but it seemed to get stuck in a loop at this point
“frame = mipi.readframe()”

I further referenced and tried to use the notebook suggested by user “cking” at the end of this forum forum highlighting new notebook, but that seemed to get stuck on this part as well

Would really appreciate any help and feedback

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I am using this branch and PCam5C works fine: GitHub - mariodruiz/Kria-PYNQ at 2022.1
There is a little bug in the image acquisition pipeline that is reported here:
Kria base overlay BUG?
Good luck

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