Load Bitstream using C

Using PYNQ z1.

I want to load the bitstream using C. Is that even possible with pynq board? Can anyone help me find some resources.

Hi @Pranav_Chaitanya,

This is the PYNQ forum. If you want to use C, you may better off asking your question in the Xilinx forums

Having said that, you can check the Vitis Software Platform


Thank you soo much for spending your time for me. However I do not want to use the SDK. I want to run a c code in the PYNQ board that would load the bitstream. [Bistream related files are already loaded into the board via scp commands]. i am trying to accelarate things. I had already raised a question in the xilinx forum and I haven’t had any response. I am a student trying to complete a project and wanted quicker help.


This is outside of the scope of this support forum, but you can look at this:


FPGA manager is enabled in PYNQ.


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Thank you Mr Ruiz.