Need help in getting XVC working on PYNQ-Z2

I’ve been trying to get ILA debugging over XVC server running for my PYNQ-Z2 while on the SD card boot mode. This is very important to me since due to some constraints I can’t use the board in JTAG mode.

Firstly, I have a confusion about the usage of the Debug Bridge IP in vivado. I added the IP to my block diagram in AXI_TO_BSCAN config, but I can’t find how to connect the IP to the ILA. Is it supposed to get connected automatically? Here is what my diagram looks like:

When I eventually managed to get the XVC server running, the hardware manager is not able to see anything connected to the debug bridge:

I feel I’m missing something still. The Debug bridge documentation shows a ‘debug hub’ connected between the bridge and ILA, but I can’t find any IP with the name ‘debug hub’.

This isn’t a PYNQ questions, so you may be better posting on AMD/Xilinx support forums

This tutorial may be of use: