New article on RFSoC development with PYNQ

Hi folks,

A group of us at the University of Strathclyde have been working on some
open-source RFSoC designs that make heavy use of the PYNQ project. One of these
is a full transceiver design (using Quadrature phase-shift keying) demonstrating
how to transmit and receive data using the RFSoC’s RF data converters.

The code for this project has
already been open-sourced as part of the RFSoC and PYNQ workshop, but today
we’re excited to announce the publication of an accompanying paper in the IEEE
journal! It can be accessed in full (with a video overview) for free

The paper dives into topics including:

  1. The rationale behind our FPGA design, including all of the signal processing
    logic. This may be of interest if you want to start building your own DSP
    systems on Zynq

  2. The design of the data converter’s PYNQ drivers —
    worth a read if you want to become familiar with PYNQ’s RFSoC drivers.

  3. Our use of PYNQ as a platform for interactive visualisation. This includes
    techinuques for performing introspection of internal signals in any Zynq
    (not just RFSoC!) along with some quantitative analysis.

We hope that this might provide some useful insights for your future
PYNQ projects, either targeting RFSoC or Zynq/MPSoC. Feel free to ask any
questions about our design below and we’ll try our best to get back to you!