Overlay problem-> Xlnk has no attribute 'bufmap'

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to run my python code after I have imported the base.bit overlay but after that a Runtime Error occured asking for permission and also AttributeError: ‘Xlnk’ object has no attribute ‘bufmap’.

Does anyone know about this?

Can you tell image version? Code snippet?

image 2.5.3 . The error only occur if i run the code with putty. I run it again with jupyter and there isn’t any error. Although i have no idea why .

You have given very little information in your posts. Please try to provide as much info as you can in future: Read Me: How to ask a question on the forum, and FAQs

On the terminal, you need to run python3
(The default is python 2.X and PYNQ needs >=3.5)
Are you doing this?


Are you executing with root permission?