Read Me: How to ask a question on the forum, and FAQs

How to post a question on the PYNQ forums

This post is intended to cover information you should include when posting a question on the forums, to help you get a better/faster response to your issue.

Please include as much of the following information as you can including:

  1. A simple title summarizing the post

  2. Pick the correct category for your post

    • Support = Technical questions
    • Community = Sharing designs/examples/tips
    • Learn = Tutorials/tips
  3. ** PYNQ Version** you are using.
    E.g. Image v2.5 or the contents of the REVISION file in the home directory of the image

  4. Are you using a standard (precompiled) image, or did you customize, or build your own image?

  5. Which board(s) or device(s) you are using
    e.g. Pynq-Z1/Pynq-Z2/ZCU104/Ultra96v1/Ultra96v2/Custom board
    e.g. Alveo U200/Alveo U250/AWS F1
    If you are using a custom board, please indicate which Zynq/Zynq Ultrascale device, and how you built your image

  6. Detailed description of your problem, including where possible/appropriate source code (for your software, IP (HDL/HLS), Python code), screenshots (E.g. of a Vivado IPI block diagram) and anything else that may be useful.

  7. Copy and paste Error messages

  8. Detailed steps to reproduce the problem

  9. Detailed steps you have tried to resolve the problem


  • Please only copy and paste short snippets of text from code/reports. Files can be uploaded to this forum in native format, or as a .zip where format is not supported for upload.

  • Avoid screenshots of code/error messages/text

  • Please use Markdown to format code and make post easier to read

    • Add ** bold ** and * italics *
    • Adding consistent spacing (e.g. 3 spaces) will indent text)
    • Adding ``` ``` around your code will do basic formatting
       code example
  • Add a language for specific formatting:

  • Rather than copy and paste code from a notebook, is a great way to upload and notebook. You can share a link to the gist in your post.

Frequently Asked Questions / Reoccurring Issues

Xilinx/FPGA questions

For questions that are not specific to PYNQ (E.g. how to I do something in the Xilinx tools) it may be better to search, then post in the relevant section of the Xilinx forums.

Linux questions

The PYNQ image is based on Ubuntu. For questions related to Ubuntu, you may be better doing a google search, or asking on relevant forums. E.g. “How do I configure XX in Linux?”
For PYNQ you can usually search for/ask, “How do I do XX on the command line?”

Python packages

For software related questions for (non-PYNQ) Python packages, (E.g. "How do I install or get XX to work on PYNQ?):
Zynq devices use ARM A9 and A53 processors. Raspberry Pi boards uses the same type of processors as Zynq. Raspberry Pi software solutions (“how do I install/how do I use?”) may work for Zynq/PYNQ.
E.g. where a pre-compiled Python package isn’t available for ARM (won’t “pip install”) and needs to be installed from source on a PYNQ board, if there is a solution for RPi, it may work on PYNQ.


The PYNQ documentation includes an FAQ covering how to get connected to the board, and basic trouble shooting:

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