Package installation problem

hi I am using pynqz2 board and I am trying to implement the below project:

In the readme, they has given a command to install the packages. But when I want to install, I am facing error.
The error is shown below:

Please help me with this. Due to this problem I am unable to complete my project.

Hi @riah,

Welcome to the PYNQ community.
It would appear that your board is not connected to the Internet. Your issue, is the same as this one


Hi @marioruiz ,

My board is connected to the internet. But still I am facing the same problem.

The error message says that cannot be resolved, this is a clear indication of a network problem.

Either no Internet or DNS is not properly configured.

@marioruiz Thankyou, I rectified it and it’s working now.

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Can you clarify what rectify means in this context? This may help other people.

Sure @marioruiz.
I have connected to the network by changing my computer’s static IP address. Source from: Assign a static IP address — Python productivity for Zynq (Pynq)

Then I downloaded the zip file from the github link. After uploading it to my PYNQ Z2 board, I have used file to install the packages and modules required for the project.
command in the pynq terminal: python3 install

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