Error install HelloWorld

I wan’t try PYNQ-HelloWorld Project.
Why I can’t install HelloWorld with this command sudo pip3 install --upgrade git+ or pip3 install --upgrade git+

Your board doesn’t have internet access. If you have a home router, try connect the Ethernet directly. (I’m assuming you connect Ethernet directly to your laptop?)


Thank U for your recommend. Your remind give me a direction.
So I find I can’t download in Chrome,So I download from another PC and then upload it in pynq-z2,now it seems work well.
Really thanks u !

And I also find another interesting thing.I connect pynq-z2 with my PC, And I share Interenet with the USB of my phone.Then I share such net with the borad pynq-z2,I find it’s okey in ping,but not fina in in am in China,google is not visable).So I bulid a VPS by ss and privoxy,after that I find curl is fina except ping is not OK.
I am confuzed,cause the command “sudo pip3 install --upgrade git+” shou same Error.And the next morning, I find my PC connected to pynq-z23 board is fina with google ,but cannot downlowd Helloword Projec’s zip file (another PC is okey).

Glad you solved it somehow!

For the issue you present in the second paragraph, unfortunately, it seems like it’s caused by your network rather than PYNQ itself. And for this, we can’t really provide effective advice.