Pmod Shield: Adapter Board overlay?

I am curious is there some type of overlay to connect to each of the Pmods of this shield?
(to extend the number of Pmods available)

If not, is there some preferred way of connecting to them, and a suggested example to follow?


I’m not aware of an existing overlay specifically for this board, but you could use the base overlay.
See details on the Arduino IOP

The existing software drivers for individual Pmods and other peripherals would only allow you to use one of these peripherals at a time, but you could write some new software to support the peripherals you need.

What are you trying to do and what Pmods or other peripherals do you want to connect?


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I’m was actually just wondering if it was possible to extend the number of Pmods by using this shield.

Right now I am planning on using the AD and DA modules for a project.
I also wanted to use the level shifter to output some digital outputs at 5V, instead of 3.3V.
Perhaps there is an easier way to do this, but thought the shield might be an easy solution.
In that case, I’ll try to connect using the base overlay.

Thank you @cathalmccabe