Looking for a general IO add on module

I’m developing a set of labs around the Pynq for a digital electronics/data acquisition physics class.

My question is whether anyone can recommend a generic shield with some combination of buttons, switches, LEDs, and maybe 7-segment displays. Something more or less equivalent to this:
which we use in our current FPGA labs.

I assume this would work with the Raspberry PI interface, so maybe this question is better asked on an R Pi forum, but I’d appreciate any advice.

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Hi @ejon,

TUL designed an add on board: for the PYNQ-Z2.



That looks perfect! No amount of googling turned that up for me.

Do you know of any resellers? I can’t seem to find one and the only options seems to be to email TUL, which I’ve done.


TUL is the only vendor at the moment.

OK, thanks. I emailed them for a quote.

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