Problem with PYNQ-Z2 and Python

we are having Zynq-7000 xilinix FPGA board from digilent, i am facing the problem of installing Python, please anyone solve the problem

python as well as jupyter come pre-installed with the pynq image. all necessary libraries for controlling PL from the PS are also installed with the image.
please note that the pynq system is linux based, but does not have the normal desktop that you get with for example xilinux.
if you have trouble loading the image to an sd card, watch the first couple minutes of this video: .
if you have trouble connecting: i suggest giving your wired ethernet connection a fixed IP address: so you can connect it directly to your pynq and go to in your browser.
before booting, check if your boot source jumper (the 4-pos header closest to the HDMI-in connector) is set to the correct source: it should short pins 3 & 4 (the arrow on silk at the edge of the board indicates pin 1).
if you’re supplying power through usb, check if your source can deliver enough power, the overlay that is loaded when the pynq boots is very power hungry.
if you are no longer using the pynq image, this is no longer the forum that can solve your problems… you should see pynq as the software platform, the Z1 & Z2 are just specifically-made hardware platforms with true official support for the software platform

hope this helps a bit, best regards