Problems using xilinx drm on PYNQ

I check the file :PYNQ-2.4/pynq/lib/_pynq/_displayport/displayport.cpp
so i think pynq maybe support xilinx_drm. But I am confused.
I found the base overlay vivado have hdmi_out IP.
But I found the pynq bsp project’s device tree(.dtsi) do not have xilinx_drm node(also no pl.dtsi).
the question is how the kernel load the xilinx_drm device when there is no xilinx_drm device_tree node.
I think device_tree can tell the kernel which driver will be used. but there is no device_tree about xilinx_drm. so the xilinx_drm driver will load fail because no xilinx_drm devicetree?

xilinx_drm device is not in the device tree, so only the kernel configuration is enabled. More to read here: