About the devicetree with pynq-z2 base Overlay

In the past,I used petalinux to compile the project, and generally need bsp to build the project. The bsp package generally includes the configuration files of uboot, kernel, rootfs, and devicetree.

Now,I am a newbie to pynq, and I cannot find the pl(base overlay pl:HDMI etc.) device tree in the bsp folder of pynq-z2. After the system is started, how the system configures pl(base overlay pl:HDMI etc.) without pl devicetree?

I think devicetree will tell the linux which drivers pl would use.

We excluded pl device tree in the system device tree, while there are still ways to add it back. For many pynq drivers we use user-space python drivers which do not require device tree. For examples using pl device tree there are examples: