Problems with connecting Pynq Z2 board

I am using a pynq z2 board, Ubuntu 20.04 with firefox.
i am unable to connect to my board using pynq:9090. when I try this I get server not found error.
I am able to connect via my windows laptop running MS using this method. Are there some settings I need to change in order for firefox to connect to the pynq board or is this a linux thing?

thank you

sorry, forgot to add that i have flashed the board with v2.5.

thanks again


Did you try using the IP address instead of pynq?
This could be a problem with DNS or firewall in Ubuntu.

Can you post a screenshot of the exact message you are getting?


Hi Mario,

Thanks for your speedy reply. My last attempt connecting the board was by connecting the Ethernet cable directly to the router which is why I used the pynq:9090 address. This method worked fine with windows. I am still unable to connect via this method but I have had a little more success with the static ip method. I am able to connect to the board but I am unable to gain access to the board files. I have attached a screen shot in case there is something obvious I am missing.

Sorry, I am a bit of a linux noob.

thank you

after sending the last post I am unable to connect again via static ip or direct connection method. no changes have been made to the board or any settings. I have checked my internet connection and this seems to be fine.

The connection can be lost because the power is gone or the board rebooted. How are you powering the board?

I would also suggest to get the latest SD card image (v2.6)

My board has been powered via usb from my pc. I took your advice and flashed a copy of v2.6. I can now access the board via firefox on my ubuntu OS using the static ip method but am still unable to find the board files when using smb:// in the files search bar. I am still unable to connect via direct connection to the hub using ubuntu.

However, when I change over to my windows OS I can connect via direct connection and can access the board files.

Possible access/permission issue with ubuntu OS?

The samba server is working on the PYNQ-Z2 since you can connect to it from Windows.

The problem is clearly in your Ubuntu machine, I am not able to reproduce the issue locally. The problem is not PYNQ related and you may have to ask the question in the Ubuntu forums.

Alternatively, you can use Jupyter Lab, in the browser enter Using Jupyter lab you will be able to drag files to the board directly through the browser.


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Hi Mario, thanks again for your help. using in my browser and dragging and dropping my files works a treat.

have a great day.

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