Rasspery Pi camera With PYNQ z1

can we use a Rasspery Pi camera with PYNQ z1 if we can how ?
if we can not i need a good camera that can i use it with PYNQ z1 on UAV

There is no RPi interface on the PYNQ-Z2. (I presume you mean CSI?)
You could use a USB camera. This would be the easiest to get working as it is connected to the Zynq PS.
If you have a HDMI camera you can connect it straight to the HDMI port connected to the PL. This would allow you to process raw video data in the Programmable logic.
If you can use another platform I would suggest you consider the Kria KV260
It has CSI although I’m not aware of any example (PYNQ) designs using the RPi camera. (If anyone is aware of an example design please share it!)
The PYNQ composable video pipeline uses the
Digilent PCam