PYNQ build flow kernel-devsrc error (among others)

Hello all,

I am currently trying to port pynq image_v3.0.0 to a custom board using the build flow. The following entails my environment details:

Ubuntu 20.04 VM
Xilinx Tools 2022.1 (Vivado & Vitis)
Petalinux Tools 2022.1

I have created my custom board directory referencing the design described in the following tutorial
Pynq 2.6 custom board image build method that works - Learn - PYNQ
and the script has already been successfully run from.

Problem #1:
I am trying to build using the prebuilt root file system as well as the pynq source distribution (for ARM and pynq 3.0.0) and have them correctly labeled in a ‘prebuilt’ folder within PYNQ/sdbuild. Yet when running the make file with flags as seen below the process shortly stops after successfully checking the environment.

make command:
$make PREBUILT=//<path_to_PYNQ>/sdbuild/prebuilt/pynq_sdist.tar.gz PYNQ_ROOTFS=//<path_to_PYNQ>/sdbuild/prebuilt/pynq_rootfs.arm.tar.gz BOARDDIR=//<path_to_PYNQ>/boards/<board_name>


Problem #2:
After sifting through the makefile for a while I saw, to my understanding, the rootfs and sdist are looked for automatically as well as the board directory. Therefore if I include the rootfs and sdist in the correct prebuilt folder as well as delete all others except for my custom board folder in ‘PYNQ/boards’ I will get the build I am looking for. Once these two steps are complete, I am able to successfully run $make and let the image compile for quite some time until the following error is produced.

I have looked all over for help on this kernel-devsrc error but have not had any luck. Can anybody help by defining what is wrong with my “Problem #1” build flow or advice on solving my “Problem 2” error?

Best, William

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