PYNQ change static IP sucessful, But could not Open Jupyternotebok


I follow other question post in this forum and change the static IP

Modify: `/etc/network/interfaces.d/eth0

Link : Change static IP address on PYNQ board


I could ping the modified IP, it works.


But When I try to log on the jupyter notebook. It fails (try a lot of time).

Computer IP also modified.

Solved. Give others as reference:

Change the computer IP to different one, then It works, I don’t know if it has conflict reason? :


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You can try out the additional steps suggested in this thread to get the jupyter notebooks up and running,

Problem solved, But still thank you for your enthusiasm to help!


You shouldn’t need to change the static IP address on the board. Changing from to this should not make any difference.
After you change an IP address it can take some time for the next access to resolve properly.

You then need to make sure your computer has a different address in the same range. If you changed your computer to (the same as the board) when you ping, it would have been pinging itself. When you tried to access it would have been looking for the Jupyter server on your local machine.

Once you changed the IP address of your computer, it would have resolved this problem.


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Thank you very much! Get it.