PYNQ GPIO read from PL

There is an arduino board sending signal to my PYNQ board. I am trying to get signal from it. When I search online most people receive signal to PS. Are there any way to receive signal to PL port? And are there ways to write signal to GPIO from my PL port? (I have a finite state machine inside, so it can automatically do write operation.)

Could you specify the GPIO you want to read/write and which PYNQ board?

I am using PYNQ-Z2 board. I plan to use pin35~37 as read GPIO port, pin17 and pin1 as write port. (As the picture below)

You can read/write GPIO fairly easily with PYNQ using the base overlay.
If you are creating your own overlay you can add some AXI GPIO controllers to read/write any of these pins. This would read back to PS. If you want the data in the PL, you can just connect these to other IP.
If you can explain a little more about what you want to connect these signals to, we may be able to give better suggestions.