Using PYNQ to talk to a non-AXI design

Hi guys,

I have a PL design (post-synthesis) which I have packaged into an IP. I now need the ZYNQ PS to send and receive signals (through it’s ports) to this design through PYNQ.
Is it doable? Can PYNQ (on Zynq PS) talk to PL designs which don’t have AXI ports?

I have attached the IP here as reference:
File: (70.5 KB)

Let me know if any other details are needed. Thank you!

(small note: if needed clk/reset are signals can be given by the PYNQ notebook. I don’t need them to be attached to system clock, reset as I want to simulate the inputs and outputs on hardware only).

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Hi @fumo,

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You can either use an AXI GPIO IP to drive this IP.

Or the PS GPIO


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