PYNQ OFDM demo issue


I have wired the external breakpoint card per the instructions and installed the reference design from here using pip. The design can be found here:

This isn’t a custom design, nor have I changed anything in the notebooks. Should just work but does not.

“ofdm_hw = Overlay()” never completes nor complains. When I stop the kernel it is in the middle of various codes, different places each time I stop it.

I am using a ZCU111 board and on the same board the QPSK demo from Strathclyde at least runs.

Has anyone ever seen this or have a remedy?

Kind regards,

Hi, I did find this issue that seems related, however in my case I do have loopback connected. I will check the seating of my breakout board.

I’ll leave this open for a while and then close it if no one else has any insights.

Thank you,