ZCU111 rfdc PYNQ control

I used RFSoC4x2 board before, and I’m going to use ZCU111 board.
For PYNQ image, 2.7 version was used in RFSoC4x2, and 3.0.1 version is installed separately in ZCU111.
Previously, the base.bit of RFSoC4x2 was used to generate signals in the same manner as in the picture below

Through the above method, we were able to generate the desired frequency sine wave with DAC.

However, with ZCU111, the overlay base is gone, and only the QPSK example remains. Therefore, I wonder if there is a way to output the desired signal to dac only with pynq and sampling to adc like RFSoC4x2 without vivado design.

Additionally, I would like to use the result data of sampling with ADC as input data of DAC on the pynq. I wonder if we need a way to design a new pynq overlay

My environment is running on the pynq/lab in the jupyterlab.

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Hi, I’m trying to do the same as you, but I can’t find the base overlay for the ZCU111. did you find any way to do it ?

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I progressing this project currently but as I know ‘base’ overlay doesn’t exist for ZCU111.
So I trying to ‘rfsoc_radio’ and ‘rfsoc_qpsk’ overlay in ZCU111.
This overlay dowanload method and example exist in ‘RFSOC_SDR book’

But these overlays make based on arbitrarily made ‘dashboard’ in python.
So if you want to do a project based on this, I recommand analyze these overlays or make new overlay.

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