PYNQ + Vitis AI Library

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if it is possible to use the Vitis AI library located here togheter with PYNQ Z1 or Z2 board? In particular I was focusing on the face detect one.

Thank you very much!

Not really at this moment. The vivado flow works with 2019.1 tools, but for vitis AI, the main issue is the DPU released is not supporting zynq7000 for now.

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Thank you for clarifying,

is there any way to quantize neural networks with vivado 2019.1 in order to create a pynq overlay?

I think there are some Xilinx documents that you can find online. It requires you to build a dpu.ko kernel module and put that module on the board. For quantization please refer to the DNNDK user guide.

Thanks for your answer! I tried to find some Xilinx documents online related to the dpu.ko module and how it could work with the PYNQ image but I didn’t find anything but or
Is this approach compatible with PYNQ 2.5 ? Is there any other Xilinx documents that I’m missing? Thank you very much in advance