Pynq-z1 Cannot boot correct

Hello everyone,
I have pynq-z1 board up to 5 months now and i use it without problem. But from yesterday when i open the board only the lights of Rx and then LD8,LD9 are flashing. Led12 as ld5,6 and 0,1,2,3 are off. As a result i cannot connect to jupyter or my files inside. Pynq version 2.5 from the start. The internet connection is board to router but pynq never gets the correct ip as i saw with ifconfig. Also in my pc terminal when i use ping , I had the result Request time out 4 times.
Does anyone know anything?

Can you connect a USB terminal and check the boot log?


Yes i can connect without problem via putty . Yesterday i flash a new sd card with pynq image and pynq board booted without problem . The problem now is my files in my old sd card that i am trying to find access . Do we have any idea what may cause this thing ?