PYNQ Z2 DDR3 Part Number

Hi all
While referring the PYNQ Z2 product page and schematic i have found that in the product page it showed like the DDR3 size is 512MB but the part number in the schematic is a 1GB variant from micron (which is a 512x16 configuration). Is there any known issues in interfacing single chip 1GB DDR3 with ZYNQ .

First there are nothing to do with PYNQ itself.
Second this is hardware debug and sanity check.

To test the eye diagram and sanity of the DDR3.

The default Vitis come with two projects that can run to verify the DDR3.
Meantime, there are no way you can run the ARM core if only mounted upper 16bit DDR3.
As the ARM core-itself cannot run on upper 16 but must start from below 16bit address or full 32bit.

Just use Vitis or SDK with Vivado create a simplest UART ZYNQ project and try the test.