Pynq-Z2 Platform for Vitis Development


I’m looking to develop accelerated applications using the Pynq-Z2 board using the Vitis IDE with OpenCL and embedded Linux rather than on bare metal or via python. Ultimately I would like to follow the Xilinx vivado-petalinux-vitis flow.

I was wondering if there is official support for the board like Xilinx provides in Vitis for their devboards, if this can easily be achieved using the pre-built Pynq images, or if someone could guide me through achieving this via the regular Xilinx vivado-petalinux-vitis flow on the Pynq-Z2.

My attempt to follow guides for other boards have left me with various Linux issues such as memory deadlocking etc. on the vector_addition example, which I am currently insufficiently knowledgeable to handle. Apologies if this is more appropriate in the Xilinx forums, however I feel like they would say the same over there.

Hi @fwilliams42,

Welcome to our community.

At the moment, we do not support Vitis platforms from this community.
You may be better off posting your questions in the Xilinx forums.