PYNQ Z2 WIFI Dongle Options?


Does anyone have a working WIFI USB Dongle out of the box with PYNQ Z2 that you basically just have to plug and play? I tried two and didn’t get them to work (though they work easily in a windows environment).

I had a TL-WN823N and a generic RT5370 that gets identified as rtl8188fu. I could not get them to work.

The TL-WN823N loads the driver rtl8xxxu, I could run the Wifi setup python script, but the dongle just simply never turns on and connects to the internet while the RT5370 does not get assigned any driver. I tried installing the driver rtl8192eu and the rtl8188fu through dkms, but this is not a trivial thing and I keep getting too many errors.

Therefore I would like to hear people’s experience with Wifi USB Dongles and PYNQ Z2 so I can buy a hassle-free working solution.


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