Wi-fi donggle not working for Pynq - missing linux-header-4.14.0-xilinx-v2018.2

Hello there,
I wanted to connect Pynq Z1 through wifi with a tp-link RTL8188eus, linux recognize the donggle connected in usb, but it did not connect to network.

I was trying to install drivers for the donggle from this repo

But when i try to install it, the process fail.

Then, trying to install de linux-header, only i can install linux-headers-4.15.0-20-generic, that is another version.

Thank you for your time

The kernel sources for the PYNQ image are in /kernel.tgz in the root file system. If you run sudo tar -xf kernel.tgz in the root file system that will unpack the sources into /usr/src/kernel which you can then use for building the kernel module.


Thank you for your answer. I was trying to install and unpack the module into kernel but the process fail when i make it.

In other side, i found that the driver that i need its located in usr/src/kernel/drivers/staging/rtl8188eu/, but it fails when i make the Makefile.

How can i continue? I was thinkin in recompile the kernel with petalinux for solve the issue.

Hi, tdf,

I’m planning to enable USB WiFi dongle on PYNQ-Z1 as well. However, I found the following information.’

I’m wondering if you’ve read the above link. Why do you decide to go for installation of the driver ?
I’m thinking which way is better.

Thank you