PYNQ Z2 XDC master constraint file missing

In read the docs about overlay generation:

It lists:

Please see below for a list of constraint files.

If you click on the link, this constraint file is missing. Also, there are no instructions on what to do with it. Is this constraint file required? How do I get it?

It looks like the link has been changed. We’ll get this updated.
You can find links to the board files from the TUL page.
The XDC is here now:


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Thanks! Once I have the xdc file where do I put it so that all users have it? This is for an installation for my students.

The XDC file should be added to every Vivado project.

If you are thinking of the board files, these can be added to the Vivado installation (once), and will be available for every project. PYNQ-Z2 board files are here:
(Add to Vivado install path]\Xilinx\Vivado\20XX.X\data\boards\board_files )



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