Z2: board file vs tcl in pynq-z2_v1.0.xdc

There are two downloads for the Z2., with the board file that you can use to start a project in Vivado,
and, with the constraint example
That last zip also has a TCL file, that can be used to configure the project.
I understand the board file and the constraint file. What is the purpose of PYNQ-Z2 v1.0.tcl in a design cycle?

Hi @jancumps,

PYNQ-Z2 v1.0.tcl allows you to setup the board preset in the Processing System. This file is useful when you do not select a board in the Vivado project. However, if you select the PYNQ-Z2 board in the Vivado project the presets are already applied.


Thank you. Got it.